Viruserv Backpack Sprayer

Electrostatic Disinfectant Fogger
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The Viruserv 5-in-1 electrostatic sprayer is a workhorse that will help you disinfect your facilities quickly and effectively!
When using the blower turned off, the mist has a low flow rate of 4-liters per hour. When the fan is on, it propels the disinfectant up to 18 feet.

The wand offers three different nozzle options. The cone has a low flow rate of 6-liters per hour. The blue nozzle and double nozzle provide higher flow rates for faster work in non-sensitive areas.

The battery is a 12V, 10Ah Lithium battery. Without liquids, the backpack is 9 pounds. It holds a max of 16 liters.


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