Waste Water & Sewer FAQ

What's recommended if I have baby wipes or feminine products in my lines or lift stations?

Extreme Heat agitates and creates turbulence that breaks down the wipes to the point where it appears you've put them through a shredder.

What's recommended to maintain grease from accumulating in my lift stations?

Survivors because it's an aggressive enzyme formula that clings to the wall of lift stations and constantly eats the grease and waste as well as eliminating odors.

What's recommended if I have offensive odors from the sewer system?

Dispel because it is not a masking agent, but a complete odor conteractant designed specifically for waster water systems. It will not harm enzymes or interfere with readings.

What's recommended if I have thick grease cakes in my lines or lift stations?

Extreme Heat. It generates heat and turbulence that liquefies and degrade the greaser avoiding clumps in the downstream.

What's recommended if I have roots in my lines?

Our root remover Foaming Root X-2 will dissolve 100% of the root mass. It also offers a residual effect that prevents any further roots intrusion.

What's recommended for vegetation control in or around lagoons and fences lines?

Quick Kill because its Diquat base formula is 100% safe to apply in the lagoon for submerge weeds,and will not harm wildlife. It only kills the vegetation i makes contact with and deactivates at the water's surface or the soil on land

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