Road & Maintenance FAQ

What's recommended if I have a few potholes? (1-10 per year)

Patch-it because it stronger than the bagged material. It lasts much longer, and it's container is resealable, so nothing goes to waste.

What's recommended if I have cracks on my sidewalks?

CQS its quick and easy to apply, also offer permanent repairs.

What's recommended if I have dirt roads and need to control dust?

Impacts keeps dust down significally, its stabilizes the roads, reducing the need to grade often.

What's recommended if I have many potholes? (10+ per year)

Our Mix Bond in combination with your cold patch, because it will increase the cold patches effectiveness by 5 times or more.

What's recommended if I have cracks to fill i my road and driveways?

EZ Seal. Its waterproof and seals the area to prevent potoles.

What's recommended if I haven't been able to remove tar and asphalt from my vehicles and equipment?

D'Tar 1000 it's strong enough to use on a tar truck and safe enough to use on civilian vehicles.

Additional Questions

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