The following testimonial is completely unsolicited. I am a public school transportation director for a Midwest School District. Recently I purchased a Pine Valley product labeled "Polish and Protect". Normally, I do not make a habit of purchasing cleaning products over the phone and without some kind of demonstration. On this situation I took a risk. When the product arrived I made a point to use it on one of my older school buses as a test case, to see if the product lived up to the claims that were relayed by the salesperson over the phone. When I finished washing the exterior of this bus I could not believe how thoroughly brilliant the shine was on the surface of the vehicle. The product completely took off all road salt film, road tar and accumulated mud and left a polished shine that rivaled a hand polish operation. I then proceeded to use the product on my fleet buses and received numerous comments from drivers that their vehicles looked like they had been hand waxed. I intend to make it a point to use the Polish and Protect product year round on all of our fleet and reserve vehicles for the district. I recommend that you give this product a try, and I am confident that you will not be disappointed.
Al H.
Education Director
We have been using both Brom and Eliminator products from Pine Valley for several seasons and have been pleased with the effectiveness of nuisance weed control in Parks and Right of Way pavement, walks and fence lines. The labor saving has been very cost effective and produced a higher level of customer satisfaction. It is easy to apply and gives long lasting results.
John M.
Municipal Supervisor
Just a note to let you know how much my guys like your Full Spectrum Disinfectant WIPES. In cleaning up after our flood the first thing my employees were asking for was the wipes. As they are very comfortable using them when working in conditions that they are unsure of what could be in the water they are cleaning up. I would like to thank you for making us aware of this product.
Tom W.
Supervisor W.T.P
As a Public Works Director here in Washington State my crew enjoys using Buff Wash for our vehicles, Bubble Gum Deodorizer for our sanitary sewer manholes, and park restrooms. We have also used the floating lift station degreaser which has saved us a lot of time and labor in cleaning the grease from the walls of our lifts stations. I also recommend the Polish and Protest for cleaning our equipment and vehicles in the winter time. The Polish and Protect helps clean and protect the metal surfaces after we apply road salt and liquid deicer. It has helped reduce the amount of damage from using salt and deicer.
Darrin R.
Public Works Director
I just wanted to take the time to write my feelings about the products that we purchase from your company and the overall affects it has on the medical facilities in which I work. The two products in particular are the Dispel Odor Control and the Bio-Flow Germicidal cleaner. Over the past 2 years that we have been purchasing this product, it has had a very profound result in controlling germs and bacterial within the facility trash room. It is a very affective bacteria and germicidal agent. The Bio-Flow that we purchase has a very nice overall smell when used and it controls the odor in the trash room very well. I just wanted to take the time to inform you of how pleased the facilities have been through the use of your products. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with your company.
Michael C.
We use the Graffiti wipes and they work wll however the Liquid form of Graffiti removal solution works a lot better. We have been using this product this season and are quite satisfied with the results. The product is Terand Vandalism Mark Remove.
Richard H.
Park Supervisor District #2
Hello my name is Larry from the County Engineer. We have been using patch & plug on our bridge wall. It has done a good job.
Larry D.
Just a note from Ontario to tell you how great your products are. We have been using your cold patch, sun screen and insect repellent for a number of years now and have been well satisfied.
Pat R.
We have been using Patch & Plug on our bridge wall. It has done a good job.
David L.
Municipal Foreman